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I begin by listening

- Mary Karlsson

Mary Karlsson Consulting works together with organizational leaders and their staff to add value and effectiveness to your programs and business strategies. Known for simplifying the complex and including insights from all involved, Mary helps make businesses stronger through a professional outside perspective and clear articulation of needs, successes, challenges and opportunities.


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Core Sevices



Assuring that individuals and teams work together at their highest level of performance through:


  1. Facilitating employee learning and capacity building

  2. Optimizing team performance

  3. Defining and developing competencies 



Providing support to help leaders reach organization potential through strategies to:


  1. Develop a compelling vision 

  2. Assess process and culture

  3. Develop teams and individuals



Engaging personnel and audiences in all stages of an initiative through:

  1. Identifying current baseline performance

  2. Assessing initiative progress at a midpoint

  3. Evaluating initiative impact and outcomes

“Mary is highly organized and easily manages many details. She is always willing to assist the team in any way necessary to keep initiatives moving forward.”

– Jim Nepp, Manager of Training and Employee Engagement, US Bank

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Mary Karlsson Consulting

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