Program Evauation

It’s all about impact

Whether you need to:

  • Provide evidence of impact, program results, and outcomes for funding   

  • Assess the successes and challenges of your strategic initiative or training program

  • Analyze work processes and environment 


Mary provides leaders with data they need for decision-making and performance improvement.

Mary Karlsson Consulting offers program evaluation assistance in:

  • Needs assessment; Cultural assessment; Team performance assessment

  • Baseline assessments to determine benchmarks for achievement 

  • Midpoint evaluation to tweak procedures and task assignments 

  • Final evaluation of program accomplishments, impact, and outcomes

“Mary is an expert in the field of developing programs that are relevant to the needs of her clients and brings her extensive knowledge and insights to the task.”

– Kim Mazzitello, Trainer & Developer, LTCG 

Stacked rocks in nature

Without properly understanding which elements make your program effective it is hard to know the right path for achieving your goals.  Mary Karlsson Consulting has extensive experience helping businesses, educational institutions and public and non-profit agencies develop and conduct program and learning evaluations.