Principles & Values


Mutual understanding. To know and appreciate what is important to another; to have others know   and appreciate what is important to you.
Working within constraints. To know where the boundaries are that clients – both employees and leaders – must work within; to know the limits of one’s capacity to act.
Opening up boundaries. Boundaries between work groups and departments, when they become permeable, allow communication, interaction, and possibilities to expand.  
Adherence to professional and ethical standards. To deliver quality; to treat everyone with the respect; to act with integrity.
Intellectual rigor. To work with higher level objectives in mind; to ensure data is valid and conclusions are based in logic shown by the evidence.
Scooping a cup of water from a rippling pond


These core values define who I am and how I approach my clients and my work 
Openness to all voices. The ideas that come from multiple perspectives enriche our ability to understand our biggest questions and create our best solutions.

Holistic, systems approach.  A view of the long term, an understanding of how the parts affect the whole, is essential to developing meaningful responses to problems. For any solution to be pragmatic and serve current needs, it must be devised with the larger system and future impact in mind.

Healthy work environments and communities. The health of the culture of our workplaces and our communities affects our individual wellbeing. I am committed to working to create healthy workplaces and contributing to healthy communities.
Listening. Frequently overlooked in our clamorous world, listeners are needed. I am a listener first, providing a sounding board, and a caring ear for others.
These principles are the fundamental drivers of the work  I do and essential to my client relationships.
Collaboration. I work closely with clients to frame the work, to make sure they informed, involved, and engaged. I invite all stakeholders to contribute on projects.