Organization Development

It’s all about alignment

Knowing where to start

What will make the key difference in whether your vision and strategic goals will successfully motivate people or languish?  A good start is to prepare for strategy implementation before you design the roll-out.  Listening to the people you will be asking to carry out your vision motivates them to get on board. Mary Karlsson Consulting helps leaders create and implement strategy – beginning with the end in mind. 

Mary works with organizations at all levels: leading strategic planning, aligning systems, assessing culture, breaking down barriers between departmental groups, developing teams, and assessing the needs of individuals – from leaders to front-line staff. 

Mary is skilled in strategies to help leaders assess organizational needs and prioritize action.  Her tools help you:

1. Develop a compelling leadership vision and objectives that motivates your organization. Create strategic clarity through:

Strategic planning retreats

World Café conversations

Appreciative Inquiry


2. Assess the organizational processes and culture that support productive teams and smooth functioning.

Improve structures and processes through:

Solution-focused conversations 

Self-assessment of culture and process 

Success Case inquiry


3. Assure that people understand their roles on their team, are clear about their goals, and that supervisors have the skills to provide guidance and feedback. Sustain on-going improvement through:

Learning facilitation and support 

Action learning and peer coaching 

Processes to support collaboration

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“She helped define our need, focus us on desired outcomes and helped build the curriculum needed to improve customer service, employee retention and satisfaction on the job. I would highly recommend. Mary.”

–  Kim Blievernicht, Strategic Human Resources Business Leader