Employee Development

It’s all about performance.

Whether you need to:

  • Train and support employees in learning new skills and developing capacity for new behaviors

  • Defuse conflict between groups

  • Define and develop the employee skills and attitudes you need

Mary Karlsson Consulting can make sure that your workforce has the tools and environment that supports their performance so that your strategic objectives are met.

Mary’s expertise in facilitation offers employees a forum where they can grow.  She offers a variety of solutions to improve employee performance – training and performance support, facilitating team development and responses to change, or addressing situations where conflict occurs.  She is focused on employee engagement, and fosters a positive environment for healthy exchanges and learning.

Mary’s expertise in analysis helps you define the competencies you need, and develop those competencies throughout your organization.  Her skill organizing complex performance criteria into competency models and HR tools helps not only define behaviors that you require for success, but also helps your employees understand where they need to grow. Her work enhances your HR efforts and their success from recruitment and hiring to coaching and development.

“Mary is smart and passionate about the field of training and development.”

– Richard Braden, Gobal Leader of Training & Development, Honeywell

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