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Moss covered rocks and ripples in a pond
The image of Thunder in the Pond comes from the classical Chinese text, the I Ching, Book of Changes. It is one that describes the calm surface of a pond, rich with diversity of life – plants, birds, fish, insects, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.  It ‘represents native vigor and nourishment, and is an auspicious image for good progress and success.’ The pond is a happy, productive environment, yet below this calm surface is the power of thunder. 
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Over twenty years of experience in marketing, public administration and non-profit management have honed skills in strategic planning and decision making, developing positive employee relations and work culture, and managing efficient systems and processes.
I have seen how employee morale affects energy and productive use of time.  Taking the time for employees’ ideas as well as complaints, treating all with fairness and respect are the simple tools that have served me well in all the workplaces I have led.  

Thunder in the Pond


I have a pursued business and human resources learning throughout her career. My education includes:

M. Ed., Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota, with a focus on Organization Development, Strategic Planning through Human Resources, Program Evaluation, and Adult Education

Graduate-level business courses from University of Minnesota that includes Principles of Management, Industrial Relations, Principles of Marketing, and Buyer Behavior Statistical Analysis
B. A. in International Relations from the University of Minnesota  
This, to me, is a perfect representation of the power of organizational culture. It has a natural tendency to be rich, happy, and productive.  All people want to work and contribute. Paradoxically, it also has power - the power of thunder - to mobilize energy to get things done.  When it is healthy, It is a place where all can thrive.
It’s health, though, needs to be tended, monitored, and, when needed, restored.  It is a resilient place that will spring back to health with attention and care.