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About Mary

Linda's philosophy on how to work well with disparate groups and systems has stayed with me and forms my business approach today. After thirteen years in the field, I continue to be optimistic that productively listening to people’s concerns can go a long way toward fixing many workplace issues.
No matter what I am called to do in my consulting – leading strategic retreats, helping teams solve problems, developing systems models and job supports, facilitating learning, or evaluating program results and impact – all are powered by uncovering shared purpose, aligning aspirations of all groups, committing to common goals, and focusing on results.

What led me to this work

What clients appreciate in my work

"I love to listen to people and understand what makes them successful, what they love, and what drives them crazy. This inquiry is just as critical in conducting an evaluation as it is in developing strategy.” 
- Mary Karlsson
“Mary is a broad thinker with the skills and presence to connect with generalists and senior learning executives… a collaborator and team player who is a pleasure to work with.”
- David Farrar, Managing Partner at Koliso
What influenced me to go into the field of leadership consulting was an inspirational department head named Linda. She ran a marketing team I worked on in San Francisco and I was eyewitness to her leadership actions as a connector, a mentor and a trust-builder. Her main messages:
We’re in this together.   Be smarter, work harder.   Be the first to reach out & help.
I took away from Linda’s example that the team atmosphere is not one of finger-pointing when things go wrong; but one where everyone pitches in and works together until the problem is corrected. 

My approach

  • Enthusiasm in taking on the challenges of others
  • Motivating trust
  • Expecting that good things will happen
  • Allowing people to be heard